2019 CASPER Workshop and PIRE DSP School

Join the 2019 workshop to discuss new technology and tools for radio astronomers working with FPGA, GPU and general heterogeneous programming. Event is co-hosted by CASPER and Black Hole PIRE. Dates: August 12-16, 2019 Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA....

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University of Arizona College of Science: Feryal Özel

       Jan 13, 2019 College of Science Featured Speaker By Sara Hammond UA College of Science   For theoretical astrophysicist Feryal Özel, black holes provide a path to answering physics questions that otherwise haven’t been answered. Özel is a leader...

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Video: Chasing Black Holes Grades 8-12

A collaborative event between Black Hole PIRE and Zoom: "Chasing Black Holes for Grades 8-12". This was an interactive classroom event presented by Feryal Ozel and Dan Marrone, attended by students across the U.S. The quest to find, photograph, and understand black...

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