Video: Chasing Black Holes Grades 8-12

A collaborative event between Black Hole PIRE and Zoom: “Chasing Black Holes for Grades 8-12”.

This was an interactive classroom event presented by Feryal Ozel and Dan Marrone, attended by students across the U.S. The quest to find, photograph, and understand black holes Black Hole PIRE and Zoom are partnering to bring University professors and project PI’s to classrooms across the U.S. Targeted for middle to high school science classrooms, Zoom will bring this unique learning opportunity to hundreds of classrooms across the U.S. A complete instructional module titled “Chasing Black Holes” will be available for teachers and students to fully participate in the journey through the laws of gravity, workings of supermassive black holes, and their powerful impacts on galaxies.

This is a free event for all K-12 schools.

Date and Time: Thursday, November 29, 2018 – 12:00PM MST