Interviews with the UArizona Black Hole PIRE team

In this series of videos, the Black Hole PIRE team at the University of Arizona explains the process of how they were able to take a picture of a black hole through collaborative efforts and technological advancement.

What is a Black Hole?

In this video, Dr. Feryal Ozel and Dr. Dimitrios Psaltis answer the first question: What is a Black Hole?


M87 and Sgr A*

Dr. Feryal Ozel and Dr. Tod Lauer (NSF’s OIR Lab) compare the two candidates for the famous black hole image.

The Event Horizon Telescope

Dr. Dan Marrone and Lia Medeiros (Ph.D. Apr 2019) explain what the Event Horizon Telescope is (hint: not just one!) and what it is looking for when imaging the black hole.


Working at the SPT

Dr. Dan Marrone and Junhan Kim (Ph.D. August 2019) talk about what it was like working at the South Pole Telescope, an integral telescope for the EHT at the bottom of the world.


Cloud Computing and Collaboration

Chi-kwan (CK) Chan and Nirav Merchant (CyVerse) talk about the technology and how collaboration was integral to how the EHT team could process the data from the black hole image.