Oregon Teacher of the Year cites Black Hole Image as inspiration

On a daily basis, teachers challenge students to develop 21st century learning skills by providing opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and create.  -Arlee Hall

Third grade teacher at Coquille Valley Elementary in Oregon. Arlee Hall was chosen as a regional teacher of year for 2019 in Oregon. His pride is a curriculum where they have learned how to follow their curiosity and to learn using technology like 3D printers, building robots, etc. His classroom is structured where children learn to work together in groups to solve problems. 

“In our classroom, I strive to teach my students the need to persevere under difficult circumstances, and promote the qualities of grit and determination to achieve success. This image is the perfect example of each of these qualities”.

As a thank you, a parent wrote to the Black Hole PIRE team at the University of Arizona, requesting a personalized image of the Black Hole at the center of M87, released in April 2019. The team was more than happy to oblige as our project scientists are very much in support of all levels of education.

Again, the Black Hole PIRE team congratulates Mr. Hall on his achievements and hopes he continues to foster young minds for years to come.



For a list of all winners and more information on the program: https://oregonteacheroftheyear.org/winners.