A new PIRE webinar provides an overview of the Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) available on the ACES and FASTER systems at Texas A&M’s High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) and shares it differs from traditional composable infrastructure. Lisa Perez, Director for Advanced Computing Enablement at Texas A&M University, discusses emerging accelerator technologies available on the ACES test bed system including Intel Data Center GPU Max (Graphics Processing Units), Intel FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), NVIDIA H100 GPUs, NEC Vector Engines, NextSilicon co-processors, and Graphcore IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units).

Speaker: Lisa Perez, Director for Advanced Computing Enablement, High Performance Research Computing (HPRC)
Texas A&M University

Speaker’s Slides

Air date: Tuesday, March 13, 2023

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