Software Development Essentials

Software Development Best Practices – Webinar

Facilitator: Ward Harold, Google Cloud Solutions Architect

16th October 2019 – Wednesday, 1700 UTC

Software is an essential aspect of modern life. Good software simplifies our work, makes us more productive, it may even make us smile. Poor quality software is annoying at best and, at its worst, may even be dangerous. Creating software is no longer the province of “professional programmers”; for better or worse everyone codes now.

This talk explores essential practices for building software that generates smiles rather than angry tweets. Spoiler alert: no language, framework, or tool is the key to producing high quality, user pleasing products. Instead, the focus of the talk will be on understanding what is required of the software you create, using a range of tests to both drive the design of your code and validate the end result, incrementally managing the artifacts you produce, and most importantly actually shipping something useful.

This session is part of a monthly series.

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