First Session in New Spring 2022 Webinar Series

BH PIRE has launched a brand new series featuring the most current Sgr A* research and featuring women pioneering advances in the field.

The new series, A Deep Look Into  the Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way, brings four, one-hour  webinars with opportunities for Q&A with researchers bringing  major scientific advancments to our understanding of black holes and specifically the unique environment around Sgr A*.

Daryl Haggard, Associate Professor at McGill University, offered the first session, “Entering an Era of Black Hole Discovery.”

Webinar Overview:

It’s been a fantastic decade for black hole studies, highlighted by the 2017 and 2020 Nobel Prizes in Physics. Multiple Galactic Center research groups, the Event Horizon Telescope, and LIGO/Virgo continue to bring rapid-fire new observations to sharpen our understanding of these exotic objects. Professor Haggard discusses Sgr A*’s unique variability alongside other time domain phenomena in the Galactic Center, traced out over more than 20 years of observations from coordinated multi-wavelength campaigns and compares these detailed studies of Sgr A* to equally impressive multi-wavelength observations of M87*.  During the session she also explores how we can continue to push the frontiers of black hole research with existing and next-generation observatories.


Speaker’s Slides

Facilitator: Daryl Haggard, McGill University

Air date: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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